Online Presentations

There are a ton of presentation tools out there, and this week I explored 2 unique ones: Adobe Spark video and Thinglink. I enjoy creative assignments, and truly think they can be effectively used in my type of classroom. Thinglink especially has a ton of possibilities. I could use it (like I did here) as an interactive tutorial. So much of my classroom relies on identifying anatomical parts on images – so this type of stuff is perfect. I would really like to use it as a quiz, but that requires purchasing a plan from the site. I have to explore the site and the features/pricing a bit more. The Adobe Spark videos were a nice feature as well. I like to use iMovie for more complicated videos, but Spark is far more easier for a simple tutorial like the one above. It took a fraction of the time that I would normally spend in iMovie. Thus, I would absolutely consider having students use this platform for video presentations. Not everyone has iMovie, so this is a good, easy alternative.


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