Infographics are a great tool for any grade level. They provide quick, concise, and easily viewable information on a given topic. This format makes infographics ideal to present an overview of a complicated or wide ranging topic. For example, there are a ton of infographic-like posters on the wall of the hospital that I work at. They are designed to help patients understand various medical procedures. I would consider using something of this nature as an assignment for my students. Medical Imaging is a vast field with many disciplines. The students could be tasked with creating an infographic that briefly explores and explains each of the respective disinclines. There are many potential variables for this assignment as well. The infographic could be targeted at patients, other students, or the general public. As another idea, I could have the students create an infographic outlining the criteria of their upcoming board exams. This would force them to research what is expected of them, and also create for themselves a physical reminder of what to prepare for.


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