Through the eyes of a student

For part of an assignment, I had to view 2 different videos and answer questions about them from the perspective of a student. The assignment was more challenging than I thought, and it will certainly help shape my thinking when creating future assignments. We often see things from only our perspective, so it is enlightening to step into someone else’s shoes (or at least attempt to).

Here are links to the 2 videos: video 1 & video 2

And here are my responses:

Role: student (responses are from a student perspective)

What was the main idea or point being made?

  • Video 2: The main idea is that no one believed the girl’s story, even though it turned out to be true. We should be like the girl in the video and not be afraid to express our ideas, no matter how crazy they seem to others.
  • Video 3: The main idea is that technology allows us to share what we think with others on the web.

What audience was the video trying to reach?

  • Video 2: The video is trying to reach other students like the girl.
  • Video 3: The video is trying to reach people like us who grew up with the Internet and technology.

Were the methods used to create the video effective? Why or why not?

  • Video 2: Yes. It showed the girl saying things that no one believed, but turned out to be true. It was simple and easy to follow.
  • Video 3: No. The background music was distracting and the hand-written words and illustrations were sometimes hard to follow.

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